YY Pang Racing Team

25. 4. 2019

YY Pang Racing Team sponzored also by our partner Bikerzone Sdn Bhd in coopertaion with Brisk Tabor a.s. Team takes part in CUB PRIX Championship (http://malaysiancubprix.com/, https://m.facebook.com/MalaysianCubPrix/,https://m.facebook.com/MalaysianCubPrix/), which is well know in South-East Asia area and YY Pang is well known champion there. The reputation of CUB PRIX in the Asia moped market (CUB PRIX is focusing on 100 to 150cc of Bikes) is equal to the reputation of MOTOGP in the world. Those riders are like a shining superstars, idol of all moped rider, whatever parts that used in the championship are considered as the best of the best parts. YY PangTeam use BRISK spark plugs AR08GS on their 3 bikes, which gave them the most confident for wining this important competition.

And this year 2019, Bikerzone Sdn Bhd and Brisk Tabor a.s. is sponsoring the same team on ARRC, Asia Road Racing Championship (http://asiaroadracing.com/, https://m.facebook.com/AsiaRoadRacing/).