Track Racing Team

6. 12. 2017

Track Racing Team Hungary – Annual summary
During 2017 we took part in 7 races with a Suzuki Swift, using Brisk Racing Premium LOR 15 LGS spark plugs.

Race Calendar:
1st of April – Kiskunlacháza ? National championship (car slalom)
7th of May – KakucsRing ? Central European Zone & ? National championship
11th June – Lajosmizse (city race) ? National championship
2nd of September – HungaroRing ? Central European Zone & National championship
3rd of September – HungaroRing ? National championship
1st October – Kiskunlacháza ? National championship
21st October – KakucsRing ? National championship
Two events the car was exhibiting: on the European Truck Championship ? Hungaroring race and on the Suzuki brand meeting near Budapest. Many visitors had the chance to have a look on the racing car.
Both drivers of the track Racing team, Szabolcs and Zsolt Zsődy races in Serie 1 category (car below 1000 cm3) and reached two podium positions, one second and one third place, finished the year in 5th and 6th place overall. It was an exciting season with good races but unfortunatelly two times the brothers just missed the podium with less than 0.5 seconds.

The car used the Brisk Premium LGS spark plug for the whole year and had a great experience. Thanks to the plugs the race starts were dinamic and the speeding of the car was good. The drivers used 100 octan fuel, which well fit with the spark plug. The team was satisfied with the product.