7. 12. 2017

Today Thursday 7.12.2017 The PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Trade Show in USA begins.

It was the mid-1980s, and the big SEMA Show out West was prospering. SEMA (on which BRISK Spark Plugs thanks to BRISK USA are periodically displayed ? more information here: was evolving and expanding beyond its original premise of serving the racing market. ?Speed? was removed from the organization?s title (Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association) and replaced with ?Specialty? (now the Speciality Equipment Market Association), as the organization embraced the opportunities in the broader automotive performance aftermarket. This fact opened business opportunity for much more on Tuning and Racing only focused PRI Trade Show to be launched.  So SEMA is broader PRI focuses on professional Tuning & Racing.

Exhibition history:

The PRI Trade Show was founded by Steve Lewis in the winter of 1987 under its initial name Indy Motorsport Expo. Exhibition was taking place in the week of famous Indy 500 car races. Turnout of the exhibition was not sufficient at that time and after the second year it was about to be closed due to only a few visitors attending. Steve Lewis however decided to completely redefine the whole purpose and concept of the exhibition. Steve closed it for general public, and dedicated it only to professionals from the Performance Racing Industry. The Trade Show started to focus only on the display of the newest of the racing products and of the racing equipment. No fans. No weekend racers. No mere enthusiasts. Just manufacturers of racing equipment as exhibitors, while the attendee make-up would include retailers of racing parts, race engine builders, race car fabricators and professional race teams. On its beginning the exhibition was rather small, but gradually it grew in the numbers of turnout and its importance. Finally, it became the most important Trade Shows of its kind in the US.

It is interesting, both exhibitions are taking place every year, one following another in time, but each in different part of the United States. The SEMA exhibition is taking place at the turn of October and November in Las Vegas, Nevada on the west of America. PRI Trade Show is taking place one month later at the turn of November and December on the east in Indianapolis in Indiana. Las Vegas and Indianapolis are about 1.800,- miles (almost 3.000,- kilometres) distant from one another.

BRISK USA ( respectively is attending both prestigious exhibitions every year. Thanks to this activity professionals from the industry have the opportunity to see and to explore special BRISK Tuning & Racing Spark Plugs.

This year 30th vintage of the exhibition is taking place from 7. till 9.12.2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer the following related links:

General information about the Trade Show:

Particular information related to the exposition of the BRISK USA company including some of the exhibited BRISK Tuning & Racing Spark Plugs:

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