7. 4. 2016

In December 2015, we started acquisition and sales of the new and unique Brisk Premium EVO product range, available in 6 basic types (D, L, R, E and G).
Starting from 1 April 2016, we will offer another 3 types (DR15BSXC, DR14BSXC a RR15BSXC), developed for downsizing turbo-charged engines. Some Brisk Premium EVO products are also intended for the motorcycles.
Brisk Premium EVO cannot be compared with any of competitive spark plug ranges, since our design and proprietary technology of earth electrode (conductive ring) on the spark plug insulator is absolutely unique. We are strongly convinced that they will become extremely popular, thanks to their unbeaten parameter, properties (benefits) and unique design both on the Czech and international market.