Motocross - Radek Větrovský

6. 12. 2019

Radek spent the winter preparing for the season with his team JD GUNNEX and the drivers of the World Championship in Spain and Belgium.

He switched from a ?small? motorcycle (85cc) to a ?big? motorcycle (125cc) and was preparing mainly for the European Championship and ADAC. Despite his injuries at the beginning of the season, he managed to leave the last race of the Czech Championship in Kaplice in South Bohemia, where he placed in the first run on the 6th place, which is almost a miracle after not driving for almost a whole season. In autumn he left the race – ?Blaka cup? also in Kaplice in South Bohemia and got for beautiful second place behind Richard Šikyňa. We thank Radek for great cooperation and look forward to next season 2020. BRISK team

Training example: