International Championship of the Czech Republic in Motocross

9. 4. 2018

1.4.2018 took place the first race of the International Motorsport Championship of the Czech Republic in the Motocross in South Bohemia Kaplice.
BUKSA ADOS, which we support, has made us great joy because it has won in all major groups. The whole team uses BRISK RACING COR10LGS spark plugs.

In both races, Martin Michek (Buksa / Ados KTM Team) won with style start-finish. From the start of the first race, he set a fascinating pace, which only Václav Kovář accepted in the beginning. Michek even gave the tenth rider a round.
It was no surprise that the first race was dominated by French rider Sulivan Jaulin (Buksa / Ados KTM Team), who took the role of leader after the departure of his teammate, Slobodan. But he had a new „friend“ on the duels and new teammate Martin Krč. But he did not have enough power and left „Suli“ in the first run and won second place. Overall, Sulivan Jaulin won first place, the second was Patrik Liška (HT Group Racing Team) and third was Jonáš Nedvěd (Orion Racing Team) despite the fact that the second ride for him was a fighter. Silver Krč from the first race eliminated the technical problem in the second ride from the battle for the winning.

In this category started another rider who we support ? 15 year old Radek Větrovský with a spark plug BRISK RACING L10S. He started for the first time with the KTM SX 125 motorcycle between „adults“ and did not do anything wrong. In the first race he finished on 22 place and in the second on 20 place out of 40 competitors. It should be noted that these plants are not a priority for him. His priority for European Championships 85 Junior and German ADAC.

Steffi Laier (Buksa / Ados KTM Team) has won both races in a sober way and has shown to everyone else who is the multiple world champion here. Elena Kapsamer (Buksa / Ados KTM Team), 16, had a second run in the first run and made a mistake and was finally fourth. The second run went better and Kapsamer won second place, overall it was the result of her life when she finished second overall.

1. Michek Martin (Buksa / Ados KTM Team, KTM)
2. Kovář Václav ( HT Group Racing Team, KTM)
3. Szvoboda Bence (Buksa / Ados KTM Team, KTM)
4. Wysocki Tomek (4-4, JD Gunnex KTM Racing Team, KTM)
5. Neugebauer Filip (5-6, Osička MX Team, Kawasaki)

Interim results:
1. Michek Martin 50b.
2. Kovář Václav 44b.
3. Szvoboda Bence 40b.
4. Wysocki Tomek 36b.
5. Neugebauer Filip 31b.

1. Jaulin Sulivan (Buksa / Ados KTM Team, KTM)
2. Liška Patrik (HT Group Racing Team, KTM)
3. Nedvěd Jonáš (Orion Racing Team, KTM)
4. Petr Polák (JD Gunnex KTM Racing Team, KTM)
5. Poláš Denis ( KTM)

Interim results:
1. Jaulin Sulivan 47b.
2. Liška Patrik 38b.
3. Nedvěd Jonáš 36b.
4. Polák Petr 34b.
5. Terešák Jakub 29b.

1. Laier Steffi ( Buksa / Ados KTM Team, KTM)
2. Hromková Tereza (HT Group Racing Team, KTM)
3. Kapsamer Elena (Buksa / Ados KTM Team, KTM)
4. Vítková Kristýna (Yamaha Čepelák Racing Team, Yamaha)
5. Laňková Barbora (Orion Racing Team, Suzuki)

Interim results:
1. Laier Steffi 50b.
2. Hromková Tereza 42b.
3. Kapsamer Elena 40b.
4. Vítková Kristýna 36b.
5. Laňková Barbora 34b.