Liam Everts and his 2021 season

1. 12. 2021

A few weeks ago Liam made a great impression in the Italian dunes of Riola Sardo where he made his World Championship debut in the MX2 class. After that race the focus went back to the EMX250 championship. This championship had still six races to go.
We fast forward to the last two Grand Prix races for the EMX250 class in Mantova. Sadly for Liam it all went wrong in time practice. Due to an unlucky crash Liam fell straight onto his shoulder. Doctor examined the shoulder and confirmed the clean fracture what means that there is no surgery necessary. After a very long season, a break was already planned. Somewhere at the beginning of December the build up to the new season will start with cardio and other fitness exercises. Riding his brand new Diga Pro Cross Factory KTM, is something that is planned for the start of 2022.


?Motocross of Nations?
You would almost forget that besides all those Grand Prix races Liam also raced the Motocross of Nations in Mantova for Team Belgium. Due to the date between all the different Grand Prix races the Belgian federation couldn?t send the strongest team. A team build on youngsters as Brent Van Doninck, Cyril Genot and Liam did great! If it wasn?t for two technical did not finishes the Belgian squad could?ve and would?ve been in the running for a podium spot. For Liam it was his first appearance, in the biggest race motocross knows. About the results, seventeenth and thirteenth he wasn?t super delighted but at the end of the event he got the ?Ricky Carmichael Award?, an award for the best youngster at the MXoN.


All things considered 2021 was a more than decent season where Liam showed steady progression, and while everything fell in place such as at the EMX250 in Oss the Belgian showed his flashes of brilliance. Motocross is an individual sport, still after every rider there are dozens of people and companies who are making it more enjoyable, easier, possible for the rider. That is why we would like to thank all Liamski fans who are supporting him when times are tough and when times are great! Who definitely also deserves a shout-out are all sponsors.