12. 8. 2016

Brisk Tabor produces spark plugs for aircraft engines.

Czech company Brisk Tabor is the supplier of spark plugs not only for cars, motorcycles, garden equipment, but also for aircraft engines. Brisk supplies aircraft spark plugs to several companies (Czech and international) certified for air traffic. In June 2016 external audit of LOM PRAGUE, S. P organization certified in civil and military aviation took place in BRISK. LOM PRAGUE, S. P. is a project organizations and longstanding customer of the company BRISK Tabor. Spark plug L22.62A used in piston aircraft engines LOM M337, M332, M137, M132 has been successfully manufactured by Brisk for many years. In 2015 there was a design innovation ? one electrode was replaced by two electrodes spark plug L22.62A2, allowing the extension of the durability of spark plugs in operation and easier maintenance.
Brisk Tabor, as a manufacturer and subcontractor of design work confirms during the audit of LOM PRAHA, S. P. compliance with technical and quality requirements of the customer.

R&D of Brisk Tabor company currently works on new projects also with other manufacturers of engines for small aircraft whose interest confirms the quality of spark plugs from Tabor, technical and professional level of specialists from the company Brisk.