13. 4. 2016

On 8 ? 9 April 2016, the  seventh International GasShow and Autoservice Expo 2016, exhibition of alternative gas drives (incl. their application, components, gas filling stations and all items in this market segment) took place on the Expo XXI exhibition centre in Warsaw, Poland. This was one of the greatest exhibition events in gas engine sector. Cars, busses and other transport vehicles with  LPG, CNG and LNG engines were on display.

Brisk Tábor a.s. was one of the companies participating at this exhibition and Brisk´s products aroused great interest among the visitors. The entire spark plug product range, with main focus on spark plugs intended for gas engines ? Silver (unique spark plug designed especially for gas fuelled engines) and  Premium Iridium Plus  range ? were on display. Apart of this, we showed spark electrodes and probes for boilers and kitchen ovens.