Automechanika MIMS Moscow

26. 9. 2018

The international fair of car parts

The international fair of car parts Automechanika MIMS Moscow has been held from 27th August to 30th August in Moscow. The market share in Russia and other CIS states is for our company very important. This sense is still increasing thanks to our factory BRISK RUS in Togliatti. It is not only Aftermarket, but it is also OEM deliveries of spark plugs and car sensors not only to Avtovaz.


The important meetings has been held with our current customers and also with potential customers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other states. Besides conventional spark plugs for local cars is increasing interest of types P+ Iridium, Premium EVO for so called inomark (cars produced in foreign countries,

Particularly Toyota, Nissan, VW, Ford, Kia, Hyundai)


The Owner of Brisk Tábor a.s., Ing. Mojmír Čapka conducts negotiations with The Business Council of The Czech Republic in Moscow, with Mr. Bašta and his successor Mr. Ottmar.