21. 9. 2020

BRISK TABOR a. s.- the company that conquered the world


The production of car spark plugs is an inherently part of the city of Tabor. This year, it is 85 years since Josef Bruck, an enterprising engineer, started producing BRITA spark plugs in the district of town Tabor called „Na Kopecku“. At first with mica and later ceramic insulation. Today, it is BRISK, a. s., a 100% Czech family company, which, under the leadership of its owner, Mojmir Capka, has developed into a world-renowned supplier of spark plugs and car sensors. It is the only manufacturer of spark plugs in the Czech Republic and is one of the five largest manufacturers in the world.


In the post-war period, spark plugs left Tabor under the PAL brand, which were exported mainly to the countries of the communist bloc. However, they also had a good reputation in the West, mainly due to motorsport world champion Josef Fojtik,  was the star of the prestigious „Six Days“ race with the Czech PAL spark plugs.



Today’s success of BRISK spark plugs and sensors is based on 97% of export to more than 70 countries from the USA, South America through Europe, Africa, Russia, the Middle and Far East, Southeast Asia to Australia. The company ensures supplies for serial production, original replacement consumption of the world’s largest car manufacturers and manufacturers of garden equipment, as well as independent aftermartket. In addition to sensors, glow plugs and spark plugs for current combustion engines of cars, motorcycles, ships, aircraft and garden equipment, the Tabor factory also produces technical ceramics and ignition electrodes for gas heaters. Since 2016, part of the deliveries to the Russian market has been secured from BRISK assembly plant in Russia, located in Togliatti.



The own development department provides BRISK with the maximum ability to keep up with world competition and go its own way with innovative solutions, some of which are patented or protected as a utility model. Already in 1996, BRISK introduced the Silver spark plug, designed for alternative gas fuels LPG / CNG. Today, it offers spark plugs for hybrid engines. The special design solution is then used in the world of motorsport and racing. BRISK spark plugs help racing teams around the world in the most difficult regimes and conditions in various disciplines – dragsters, rally, motocross, superbikes, motor boats, go-karts.