BRISK Tabor has opened new plant for spark plug production in Russian Togliatti

21. 10. 2016

BRISK Tabor has opened new plant for spark plug production in Russian Togliatti

Czech company BRISK Tábor, one of the world’s top five manufacturers of spark plugs, officially opened new plant OOO BRISK Rus in Russian Togliatti, centre of the automotive industry in the Russian Federation, on October the 19th, 2016. This confirms not only it´s strong position on the Russian market, but also the adaptation of it´s strategy to the global automotive industry. Last year BRISK produced over 50 million spark plugs and 4.5 million sensors, the production is exported to more than 70 countries all over the world. Deliveries of BRISK go to the IAM and also directly to the assembly lines of numerous global car manufacturers. Last year BRISK invested around 70 million in new technologies and increasing of the production capacity. Brisk Tabor has worked successfully for 21 years on the Russian market, annually sales around 20 million spark plugs there – it is roughly 20% of the market RF.

This successful project in Russian Togliatti is important from the perspective of long-term cooperation with the largest Russian carmanufacturer AVTOVAZ company, which is part of the Renault Nissan Alliance. The requirements which has to be fulfiled by the suppliers for vehicles from AVTOVAZ, are identical with the requirements of the alliance RENAULT NISSAN – this fact really opens up opportunities for company BRISK to other projects within the alliance globally. BRISK invested in the new plant 5 million EUR and modern production line produces about 5 million spark plugs per year. Following further requests of car manufacturers BRISK can increase capacity by an additional production line to 9-10 million units per year. This production fully complies the needs of Volzhsky car manufacturer and also of other manufacturers of cars and trucks in the Russian Federation. BRISK plans to extend the plant in Togliatti by the line for the production of sensors in the near future. According to the words of the owner of BRISK company, Mr. Mojmir Capka, is the Russian market strong business partner and remains very perspective due to the economic prognosis.

„The trial operation was launched two months ago and in that time we have managed to produce one million spark plugs. We have already completed a very demanding but successful certification of our products and production release by the company AVTOVAZ and the spark plugs from our new plant are already mounted in their vehicles, „said the Chairman of BRISK Tabor, Mr. Mojmir Capka. According to his words is AVTOVAZ, which employs fifty thousand employees and produces about three hundred thousand vehicles per year, interested in the sensors, which are another major production of BRISK company.

The list of the participants of the opening ceremony of the OOO BRISK Rus plant gives an evidence about the importance of Czech investments in Russian Federation – Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Jan Mladek, The Deputy of Minister of Industry and Trade of the RF Alexander Morozov, who is responsible for the management of automotive RF attended the ceremony. The President of Russian car manufacturer AVTOVAZ, Nicolas Maure, confirmed the importance of cooperation with BRISK and importance of localization of production in the Russian Federation, which is in accordance to the policy of industrial development of RF. The benefits of the new plant from the perspective of the Samara region were also positively evaluated by Sergei Andreev, the Mayor of Togliatti and Alexander

Kobenko, Vicegubernator of the economic development, investment and trade in the Samara region.

Launching of BRISK new plant is also important for other Czech companies associated in CAIA (Czech Automotive Industry Association). Mr. Mojmir Capka as a member of the Board of the CAIA underlined, during the negotiations on the level of AVTOVAZ management and Togliatti´s Mayor, the interest of other members to enter the Russian market.